Why Choose Network Marketing and Direct Sales to Build a Business?

For some, network marketing and direct sales may have some negative connotations associated with them. There has been a history of companies with very public issues and questionable business practices. And who hasn’t been invited to a candle party or some other item being sold by a friend – or a friend of a friend? However, if you strip out the negative association, you can get some very strong positive associations.

Network marketing at its core is about an individual working to build their own business, and to develop a model that attracts other like minded people to want to come work for them. It’s about entrepreneurship – breaking out of the traditional ‘employee’ mold and mindset, and then developing a business that you have control over its – and your – destiny. It’s about learning how to sell – sell you as a business owner and entrepreneur, sell your business to investors, sell product.

It’s also about learning to be rejected for what and how you are trying to sell, learning and adjusting from that experience, then honing your skills to get even better as an entrepreneur. Network marketing is also about training – a good network marketing company will train you well, and will provide a good community environment where you can work with and learn from others. Network marketing companies will work with you – and not fire you – as you learn and become more competent and successful. They realize that helping you achieve success attains greater levels of success for them as well.

Those that have an interest in pursuing opportunities in network marketing and direct sales should look for an opportunity that provides excellent training, mentorship, coaching, systems, community, and leadership. If you look into a company and find that it does not have these qualities, regardless of the product, you should quickly move on. The product is an important element, but it ranks below these qualities that must exist first and foremost.

Moving on from traditional network marketing is internet marketing. Internet marketing has taken network marketing to a whole new level. It provides visibility into you as an entrepreneur, and into what you have to offer those looking for a strong leader with a strong company – to a GLOBAL audience. Internet marketing is recession friendly, meaning that if there is an economy of the world that is struggling through a recession and is refraining from excess spending, there are even more areas in the world that will remain interested in what you have to offer. Internet marketing also allows you to work out of your home.

According to a recent study, the number of people that want to move from a traditional office job to having a home business is an incredible 65%. Most don’t know their options, know how to get started, or know how to remove the negative stigma associated with the network marketing industry. The benefits of independence, entrepreneurship, freedom, wealth potential, and valuable skill acquisition far outweigh any of the old style of thinking. Do your due diligence; find a leader with a company to work with that meets the criteria of excellent training, mentorship, coaching, systems, community, and leadership, and that will help you attain the success as an entrepreneur that you seek.