What Is Affiliate Marketing – Learn The Secrets Of Passive Income

If you want to make a living online, or just make a few bucks here and there, you will need to know what affiliate marketing is.

Anyone from a sales or marketing background will immediately understand the concept of affiliation.

And I think it’s not too big of a leap for the rest of us to easily pick up

In short, affiliate marketing is a procedure in business whereby a company or vendor or seller that has a product pays ‘affiliates’ to promote and sell this product. If you think of someone who invents a fabulously helpful device but has no ability to market or sell the device, or no inclination.

They may well employ the services of another to do all the marketing and selling of the invention and pay them a percentage of profits made.

More specifically, what we do online is virtually exactly that, but there are as many variations as there are products.

At its most basic, as an internet marketer, you affiliate with a company by signing up to their affiliate program directly, or through a 3rd party, and promote their product on your website, or through paid advertising, and get paid a percentage of each sale you make. Simple.

Now that you know the answer to ‘what is affiliate marketing?’ you should be asking ‘how do I get into affiliate marketing?’ and the answer is just as simple.

In the same way so many people who are now pro affiliates did; With Clickbank.

Clickbank is the most massive affiliate marketplace anywhere. Thousands of vendors pay Clickbank to host their affiliate schemes and most will let you promote their products without further application.

All you’ll need is a Clickbank account and you can promote products as varied as Heartburn Remedies and Dog Training.

The reason that so many people use it is that it’s simple. You sign up, go to the product you want to promote, get your affiliate link and stick it on your website. Of course you need buyers, but it’s actually as simple as that.

Definite benefits to Clickbank, apart from the sheer ease of use, are…

Regular payments. And you know you’ll get paid.
They can pay direct into your bank account – No sitting around waiting for checks.
A multitude of products to promote.
Clickbank’s no questions asked money back guarantee adds trust to any transaction.
They’re getting stricter on poor products.
The commission is pretty good, mostly from 50% to 75%.
It’s not all puppies and kittens however, there are some downsides of Clickbank. None enough to scare me off:

Clickbank has a slightly poor reputation with some online marketers. It’s unfounded as they’ve done a lot to clean themselves up and are totally reputable. They once had some spammy products on their books, but they’ve taken steps to combat that.

You can’t get direct bank payments until you’ve had two checks sent.

You can’t get paid the first time until you’ve had orders from various payment methods.

Sometimes the products really are crap. There’s enough to choose from so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I use Clickbank, a lot, and it’s made me a lot of money in the past and I see no reason that it shouldn’t do the same for you.

Now, on the other side of the coin, maybe you are the person with the product. And you want people to sell it for you because you have no inclination or skill in promotion. They’ve made it just as simple.

You just need to agree on the selling price, the commission you will pay affiliates and, if your product, and your sales letter, is good enough, people will come along and promote it for you.

Passive income at its finest. There is also a one time fee of $50, so you should be confident enough that you’ll make more than that with your offering.

There are hundreds of other affiliate programs around if you don’t like Clickbank, a couple of them equally awesome, many quite shallow in what they can offer and some are just a waste of time.

When you are deciding how to monetize your site, make sure you’ve weighed up all of your options.

While I still think that AdSense is the easiest way to make money online, affiliate marketing as a principle is by far the best. Your options are incredible and the benefits huge:

Your income is literally limitless. You are only bound by time and how much promotion you can do.
You don’t need a bricks and mortar business. You can do this all on a computer in your own home.
Once you learn the skills, you write your own ticket.
Affiliate marketing is literally that exciting.

So, why doesn’t everyone just jump in and make a fortune then? A simple question to answer.

Because, it’s not easy.

The potential to earn a lot of money is great, but it needs dedication and hard work. And you don’t succeed overnight.

The average offline business takes two years to start breaking even. In affiliate marketing you can break even in your first month. But here’s what people do, and most who try to make money online will fall foul of one or more of these, and certainly the last one:

They spend a large amount of time reading up about how to make money online
They probably fall for a lot of the BS surrounding the industry
They may well spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ‘how to’ guides
They jump from method to method, from idea to idea, from project to project, not committing to one realistic thing long enough to succeed
After a few months, a few weeks or a few days or not making instant fortunes they give up in disgust
The ones that stick in, carry on going and try and try again are the ones that come out the other side a success. The same as with anything else.

You don’t try to perfect your free throws for a couple of days and when you’re not perfect, just give up.

You don’t approach half a dozen women, get rejected and then become a monk.

Successful businessmen (and women) don’t try a business out for 2 months and then shut it down when they’re not making huge profits.

We only see those successes once they’ve made their money and are sitting pretty. We didn’t see them staying up all night, worrying about money and how they were gonna feed their kids.

So we think they’ve had it lucky.

Nope. They’ve worked hard and that’s the secret to being a pro affiliate marketer. Once you’ve got the knowledge and the skills all it takes is some elbow grease, and then some more elbow grease until your elbow is about to fall off. You won’t get anywhere unless you make the effort and keep making the effort.