Top 5 Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting an online business or offline venture, these marketing tips will keep you on track and give you the best chance at success over failure.#1 Focus. Focus. Focus.
The phrase for offline businesses is Location-Location-Location. But when you’re starting a new business online, one of the best marketing tips is to Stay Focused.Too many people today jump online and start joining everything they see that appears to guarantee fast cash. Or they see biz ops that tout “No work – we do everything for you but you make the money.”But here’s the trick to success – stop jumping around! Find an opportunity that’s in line with your own ethics and focus on it.It doesn’t matter if it’s in affiliate marketing, direct sales, network marketing or providing services. When you make a decision to join that business or start your own online opportunity, Focus.You might have been good at multitasking as an employee, but as a new Internet marketer and business owner, if you’re trying to do too many things at once, eventually you’re going to trip yourself up and lose track of what your goals are, and what you’re supposed to be doing.Avoid burnout. Leave the multitasking to employees.#2 Stick With Your Own Interests-It’s Not All About the Money
What do I mean by that?There are a ton of network marketing and direct sales companies that market and advertise based on how much money you can make. But is the company involved in something you can sell too?Not every business is for everybody. Here’s a great example:I’m always being pitched to get into the latest, up and coming opportunity that’s “Now In Pre-Launch!” They claim hundreds and thousands of dollars in the first few hours if you get in today.But it’s in a business that I’m just not comfortable with and have no interest in learning more about.And if my heart’s not in it, if I don’t believe in what I’m supposed to promote, I’m not going to make any money with it because I’m not going to want to promote it or pitch it to other people.For instance, there are myriad health and nutrition business opportunities out there, too many to even think about. If I get in now, I can make X amount of dollars by getting people to buy these products and then sign up to sell them too.But I’m not interested in that. In my opinion – and it’s just my opinion – they’re all the same, but with different marketing approaches. I’d have to actually buy and try products from every one of them before knowing which one works for ME.And that’s no guarantee that what works for me is going to work for anyone else. So for me, I don’t care how much money they say I could make, I have to be comfortable with the products myself first, or I won’t make any money at all.Keep this in mind when you’re looking at different opportunities. Don’t just look at the dollar signs.#3 The Classic “Elevator Speech”
This is a tried and true concept that never gets old. Can you tell a stranger what you do and why – in 30 seconds or less?If you can’t, then you don’t know enough about your business to start pitching it to prospects.You have to be able to say what you do, why and how it can help other people, in a way that’s clear, short and to the point.#4 Don’t Be a “Know-It-All”Have you ever had a marketer try to pitch you who comes off acting or sounding like they already know everything about you in the first 10 seconds?Don’t be that guy. It’s a real turn off.Here’s what I mean: I had a marketer call me and within the first minute he thought he knew what I wanted – to make money, and lots of it, and his opportunity was exactly what I was looking for.Wrong.What he didn’t take time to do was actually ask me what I was looking for. He “assumed” that I “only” wanted to make money, when he couldn’t have been any more off the mark.He was really arrogant about it too, and I ended the call rather abruptly.Take time to learn about your new business, own it, believe in it. And before attempting to pitch your opportunity to a new prospect, take time to get to know them first.When you know what your prospect is looking for, you can create your sales pitch to benefit them and what they want.#5 Don’t Follow B.S. Marketing Tactics
Did you make $1000 in the first 12 hours? Your first week? No? Then don’t make claims that anyone else joining your opportunity can do it. Period.I hate those advertisements that make get-rich-fast claims, and then in the small, fine print is the standard disclaimer: “These results are not typical.”If those results aren’t typical – don’t advertise them! Only make claims that you can back up yourself. And if you’re still in the marketing phase and haven’t made any money yet – say so.Not everybody is looking at the money first. There are a lot of people who are looking for an opportunity doing something they love or can promote ethically, knowing that it’s going to take time to build the business.