Internet Myths for Network Marketers

The internet has revolutionized the marketer’s world.

At no point in the past did direct marketers have access to reach 100s of Thousands of People across the world.

But, there is a LOT of hype concerning the internet and what it can and what it can’t do for your business.

Today, there are two myths that you need to know about as you build your MLM/directs sales/network marketing business……

Myth Number One: The internet is the only way to build your business
Myth Number Two: You do not need the internet for your home business
Addressing Myth One

Many marketers swear by the internet as the best source to capture leads and build their home business. In fact, the number one way to attract people to your website is to talk about using the internet as your only source of building your business. Many online marketers will tell you they never even talk to their leads and their business builds itself on autopilot.

Truth is, this is hype.

The only way that this is possible is to have a massive gigantic list in the 10s of thousands. And that’s how they can never talk to a lead. But, do you know what they did to get to this point? They had to survive in the beginning or they would have run out of money. So they did what every network marketer has to do.

They had to talk to people.

It’s my belief that you can’t really build your home business with the internet at all. You only use the internet as a tool to bring in leads. There are dozens of highly effective offline and online ways to attract leads and prospects. Sometimes, you will meet someone offline and then convert them into a lead by directing them to online resources.

Bottom Line, The internet is not the only way to build your home business.

About the Second Myth

And then, there are other, die-hard network marketers who swear that the internet is nothing but a waste of time and will eventually cause you to fail in your business efforts. These people wouldn’t dare consider online advertising or attraction marketing because they are dogmatic about traditional network marketing.
But, internet marketing does work. However, it does take time and should be one of many tools you use to build your business. It is NOT the end all be all of building a home business.

Even if you don’t use funnels or attraction marketing or blogs or online ads, I believe that you are setting yourself up for a different kind of connection with your prospects if you don’t have a web based presence.

When prospects are researching your offer, one of the first places they will go to is the internet. And we know that the internet can be a very bad place for prospects because there are a lot of not – so – nice competitors out there. So, the most important thing you want to do is control what they find. Therefore, instead of a Google search, you should help them by pointing out your own website.

The network marketing companies know it. You can barely find a company that even provides offline ways of signing people up or purchasing products offline. Almost all “network marketing business” is conducted using some sort of e-commerce.

So, here’s another truth-
You can NOT build a sustainable business without some sort of web presence. This is where your prospects will go to do their research.

I think that it’s pretty reasonable to agree that in today’s world you need both high-touch and high-tech. You need an online presence, but you also need to know how to network and talk to people. That’s why the choice word for our industry is a combination of two different skill sets… “Network Marketing.” Your marketing can be high tech. Your Networking must be highly personable. You can merge both into a very successful home business.